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118 W Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98119
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Tup Tim Thai

118 W Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98119

Some people say that good things come in small packages. Here at Tup Tim Thai, we know that is true. Located in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Seattle, we offer amazing food in a setting that is perfect for family dinners, romantic evenings and for fun with your friends.

Our restaurant looks tiny and small from the outside, but we have a larger dining room than some might expect. Rather than building a large and sprawling dining room, we built a space that is long and narrow. We filled that space with plenty of tables that are just the right size for two diners or four guests. You can also let us know when you have a larger group coming in, and we'll work hard to accommodate you with several of our tables pushed together.

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Many diners love the fun and festive atmosphere that we created with paint colors and decorations. Bright yellow walls compliment the bright red paint used on the opposite walls. Those colors carryover in the coverings and flowers we place on each table and with the artwork hanging on the walls.

People think that Thai food is spicy, and here at Tup Tim Thai, we know how to do spice right. Our spicy beef, which comes with fresh vegetables and noodles, is available in a hell spice level. If you think that you can handle the hottest of the hot, we dare you to give this dish a try. Those hoping for something a little less spicy may love our chicken curry or pineapple fried rice. We can make your dish as mild as a glass of water or so spicy that you need a few glasses of water to get through your meal. Ready to try our spicy for yourself? Head on over to Tup Tim Thai.

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